Monday, 17 May 2021

Wet play days and Character Strengths

Monday this week was one of those days...

Getting outside and active during the school day is vital for all our children (and adults, too). Wet days challenge our Self-Regulation. We all know how easy it is to feel cooped up and frustrated when it's pouring with rain all day. 

On wet days, we try to stick to our daily routine, but also adapt in ways that recognise that this is a different kind of day. This is the the time dig deep and draw on our Character Strengths!

Here are some of the ways we used our Creativity to keep calm and find the fun on this wet play day.

Here we are doing some Go Noodle yoga. We are imagining that our bodies are frozen and then allowing them gradually to melt and relax. This takes concentration and control: doing yoga builds up our Self-Regulation and awareness of our own bodies. We also get the chance to wiggle and move. 

Having lunch in the cloak bay is certainly different! We dial up our Kindness and makes sure everyone has space on the mat. We quite like settling down together for a munch and a storybook.

We brought a little bit of nature into our classroom today with some plants from the footpaths around school. Looking carefully at the flowers and trying to paint them uses our Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, and our Creativity.

Some people found other ways to use their Creativity, connecting with each other and using Teamwork to build some awesome creations.

Dancing to some of our favourite songs gives us the perfect opportunity to use our Zest and Humour (and another chance to get active).

And, if all else fails, how about trying a sprinkling of Gratitude for the good the rain does our school garden - and a dash of Hope for a dry spell at playtime tomorrow?

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