Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Positive Emotion

Positive Emotion

In Autahi we spend a lot of time each day talking about how we are feeling, learning how to better express our emotions and focusing on the positive.  What we focus on flourishes.  Often we have class meetings where we discuss things we could do at playtime, who we might like to play with and ways we can cope when we aren't feeling so great.  We often get together and check-in about how our playtime went.  We spend a few minutes practising mindfulness, savouring a really good feeling or letting go of any stress or worry we have.  

This really helps us to settle our minds and bodies and allows us an opportunity to talk about what we did at playtime.

We are so lucky too because sometimes we have big buddies come and play with us at playtime.
Here are some of the PALS teaching us a game!

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