Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Transition to School and Connecting with ECEs

The children in our class come from many different early childhood centres around Wellington.  As part of our transition to school program we try to visit most students at their centres before starting.  Children are invited to Rising 5s for up to 2 terms before they start and have visits as well.  
2 weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to go visit some of the children that will be starting this term in Autahi at their centres. This is so worthwhile as it allows the children to be in a place they feel comfortable and confident.  They show me around, tell me what they like to do and explain what they do on a daily basis.  
We had lots of fun and I know more about each of these children now. 
We also had KinderCare come visit us with 6 almost-school-aged children and a few teachers.  We got to be the hosts and show some of the things we do in school and some of us got to reconnect with our early childhood teachers.  It was lots of fun and we practised being big buddies and giving others a taster of what our school is like.  

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