Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Chinese Medicine and Nutrtition

This week we were really lucky to have some parent experts come in and teach us a bit about what they do for their jobs.  Two of our parents came in to share their knowledge around Chinese Medicine and Nutrition.  Rachel explained to us about the way Chinese medicine believes in channels in our bodies and how acupuncture helps deal to blockages within those channels.  She demonstrated acupuncture and cupping on us teachers and the kids got to watch!

We looked at the needles and Rachel explained that the needle is only taken out of its packaging right before using and is only used once before being destroyed.

 She showed us different sized needles and explained about how far they go in.

Then we got down to the nitty gritty and got some acupuncture done.

I explained what it felt like and that it didn't hurt.

Next we were on to cupping.  Rachel explained that lots of Olympic athletes use cupping to help with sore muscles and she told us about two different cupping techniques.  One of them uses fire to create the suction and the other uses a hand-held pump.


It looked strange but really just felt like a strong, but not sore, pinch.

Storm came in and discussed nutrition with us.  She told us all about foods that have protein and potassium and we had a big talk about which foods are always foods, which are sometimes and food and which are rarely foods.  We had a big discussion around how one food could be a sometimes and rarely food based on how much you have of it.  For example, you could have one biscuit sometimes, but you would rarely have six biscuits.  Then we sorted pictures and made posters for our class.

Overall it was so much fun and we learned so much information!  It also helped us get more information around positive health choices we can make.  When we are thinking about our wellbeing we know it is physical and emotional.  This was another piece to our puzzle of understanding about a healthy mind and healthy body! Thank you very much to Rachel and Storm for making the time and sharing your passions and knowledge with us!

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