Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Discovery TIme

 After having our parent help in the class our discovery time included thank you letter writing, playing doctor and much more. 

A group of children decided they wanted to write thank you notes to our parent help.  We looked at how letters are usually started with "Dear ...." and we explored the language of a thank you note.

Socio-dramatic Play
We had lots of children exploring the doctor's office.  They were discussing and diagnosing which parts of the bodies were sore and looking at x-rays. The language being used was all around parts of the body.  

Some of us were playing teacher and school and we were practising writing words we know and others that we could make up!

Fitness and Movement
During discovery we have been choosing different exercises to build up our muscles, get our energy out and make sure we are taking care of our physical needs.

 Building and co-operative playing
There has been lots of negotiating and coming up with games together.  There has been lots of car games this week and building parking structures for the cars.  There has also been house and hut building.  During this type of play we really practise using our negotiating and discussing skills.  We use team work and sharing and practise turn taking.  This type of play can be really hard for us, but we are working a lot on using our words to express our ideas and how we are feeling.  Every time we practise we get a tiny bit better!

There has been lots going on and we have tapped into the curriculum by way of Science, Technology, Writing and the arts.  That's just to name a few! 

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