Thursday, 16 August 2018


We are so lucky in Autahi to have some amazing musicians to help us learn new songs. One of the songs we have been learning is Imagine by John Lennon.

This song has inspired us to imagine our own world where the Kaitiaki superheroes in Autahi have been working hard and have achieved all their goals. Here are some visualisations we did in teams that show what we imagined the world might look like. Each group were practising their team work skills by listening carefully to each others ideas before adding anything on. Patience was the key as we took turns listening and adding in our ideas to build together as a team.

 Here we have the Kaitiaki of the forests imagining a world where the trees are looked after and the animals all can make their homes in peace.

Then we have the Kaitiaki of the environment. They have been imagining big picture things like cities, planets and even the whole universe. We can see everything co-existing in harmony from greenhouses to galaxies.

 Next we have the Kaitiaki of the pets. They have been imagining what the world will look like when every pet has a good home with people who care for them.

 The underwater Kaitiaki have been imagining how life in the ocean will be when there is no rubbish spoiling their homes. Blue water where fish, sharks and crabs can make their homes.
Finally the Kaitiaki of exotic animals and insects have been imagining a world where all animals great and small can live peacefully. Monkeys and butterflies and unicorns oh my!

Here is some of the writing we have been doing alongside this to inspire our imaginations.

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