Monday, 6 August 2018

Our Music Inquiry

We are well and truly into the Exploring part of our Inquiry cycle.  We have been exploring how instruments make sound, what sounds they make, have been writing and playing our own songs on real instruments, been designing and making our own instruments and getting together and creating songs with a 4 beat in small groups.                 
It has been so much fun and we are digging deeper into our big questions:
What is Music and how is it made? How can we make sound and music?

During discovery time some of us have been writing our own songs using the ABCs and then we tried playing them on the Ukuleles!


We made our own instruments and drew our designs and then wrote about how our instrument makes sound.

We used teamwork to create our own little pieces with the instruments we made!

We have been learning how to keep the beat on lots of different kinds of drums with Andreas!

We learned about pitch and graphic notation and then we wrote our own songs using graphic notation.  Then we played our songs and a buddy's song.

We have also been listening to and learning Imagine by John Lennon.  We are talking about the message in the music and how artists send us messages through their music and that the tone and words of the music help them do this.  

Stay tuned for more on our inquiry into music!

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