Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Reflecting on goals

This week we looked back on an amazing Arts Celebration. Before we begun down the pathway of creating a show we set some goals about the upcoming show. We talked a lot about the feelings we might have like nervousness or excitement and what we could do to help us achieve the outcomes we wanted. Here are some examples:

Bravery and overcoming fear was a goal shared by many. Others made goals about learning and remembering the different moves they needed to do. We approached the show with a growth mindset, that there were things that we couldn't do yet but with lots of practise we knew we could achieve our goals.

So we practised and we practised and then we practised some more. We used teamwork to learn and guide each other. We took turns listening to the ideas of others. We had to work hard.

But then something amazing happened...

A show started to come together.

And now that the show is done we looked back at what we had achieved and celebrated meeting our goals. Here are some examples of the writing we did today about achieving our goals: 

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