Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Our Maths Learning


   As part of our own professional learning we have what we call Triples, where we conduct lessons in front of our triples buddies.  We then reflect on the lessons and get feedback from our buddies.  This helps to inform our practise and our Teaching as Inquiry.  It's also always helpful to see a range of lessons going on throughout the school and get feedback from extra eyes.  This group of kids is working on building their number sense through something called subitising which is being able to instantly recognise sets of numbers without having to count them.  Playing games with dice and tens frames helps with this. 

This group has also been exploring number stories to match Pete the Cat and his 4 groovy buttons story.  They listened to the story and as Pete loses his buttons they popped the buttons off his shirt.  Then they made up their own number stories starting with 10 and showing how many buttons he lost and how many were left over.  They did this using a tens frame--another way to create visual representations and to help them keep these numbers in their heads. 

These guys have been working on building buildings for Maths Street.  We were making teen towers.  We made a tower of ten and some more.  Then we wrote the number sentences. 

We are going to continue to build our Maths City.  Look out for bigger numbers!

In Maths we have also started working on repeating patterns.  Have a look at our patterns!

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