Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Our Favourite Pets

Have you ever found that when you are passionate about something it is much easier to write about?
I always find that when I am writing these blogs that my brain has so many ideas that I need to take my time and carefully think about what I want to say. I get so excited to share learning with everyone that it becomes much easier to write about.

When we are choosing topics to write about in Autahi we think about the interests of our learners so that they are excited about what they will be writing about. Today we wrote stories about our favourite pets. Animals and looking after animals is something we have noticed many of the learners in Autahi are interested in and with our upcoming visit to the SPCA approaching it provides a rich source of ideas for writing. They have lots of ideas when it comes to topics like this as it allows them to think creatively and write about their own interests.

Check out some examples of our writing.

Gotta love those fluffy cats.

Goldfish and Bunnies make great pets.

The spiders can help keep flies away.

Some of our writers used the word because to add more detail to their stories. We are all very excited about animals as you can see.

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