Tuesday, 21 May 2019

SPCA visit

This week we visited the SPCA to learn more about their role in looking after animals in our community and to help us to build our skills when meeting new animals.

We have been learning about the things animals need to survive. They need food, water, shelter, love and room to move and exercise. These are all things that we need as well so we could see the similarities.

Matt from the SPCA taught us how to be brave when dogs might scare us. There are several things we can do. The first is to stand tall like a tree. Next we put our hands up high near our shoulders to keep them away. Lastly we turn our back to the dog. This will hopefully cause the dog to become bored and leave us alone. Here we are practising what we could do.

Next we got to meet some of the animals. First we had to ask the owner if we could pat their animal. We do this to make sure it is safe as there may be things we can't see that can change how an animal could behave. For dogs we then make a fist for it to smell so that it knows we are friendly. Then we can pat the chin or chest of the dog.

We have a reponsibility as Kaitiaki to care for others and our environment. After our visit we have a greater understanding of the ways we can care for and interact with animals. We learnt skills that will help us have positive relationships with animals and know the joy they can bring to our lives.

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