Sunday, 12 May 2019

Positive Accomplishment and Health!

When we talk about Positive Education and Flourishing we are talking about scientifically proven strategies for "feeling good and doing good".  The flourish model is a framework we look at to help balance what we do.  These last few weeks we have been engaged in many experiences that have helped us to strive towards goals and have also been grounded in fitness and health. We know that these are just small parts of the whole picture of not only our wellbeing but also our academic successes. 

Cross Country and Swimming have been in the spotlight in the last few weeks as some focus on Positive Health and Positive Accomplishment. We know to be fully flourishing we strive to have some of each domain represented on a regular basis.

Positive Accomplishment: The development of individual potential through striving for and achieving meaningful outcomes--involves the capacity to work towards goals despite setbacks.

Positive Health: Optimal and sustainable physical and psychological health.

Leading up to our x-country we have been practising our running every day, choosing our own challenges of laps around the school. We have been working on trying to push ourselves while also pacing ourselves. We also have been needing to practise perseverance because at times we wanted to give up. On the day we all gave it a go, achieved some of our goals and had fun!

In swimming each week we are not only practising healthy habits, but also we are working towards and achieving small goals.  
For some of us, it is getting comfortable in the water, while others we are working on swimming underwater, bubble breathing, streamline arms and much more! 

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