Sunday, 26 May 2019

Positive Relationships--working with our buddies and across the school

In the last few weeks we have had a number of opportunities to connect with our big buddies and work across the school.  We know that meaningful relationships are key to our wellbeing and that we need to learn social and emotional skills to foster these relationships.  When we work with our big buddies, often these skills are modelled for us and we have an opportunity to practise what it means and looks like to have a positive relationship.  
Last week we got to opt into different senior-run workshops and spend the middle part of the day learning from our peers.  Not only were we able to spend time with and connect to people from across the school, but also we were able to have agency in what we wanted to do.  This, as we know, leads to much higher levels of engagement and participation.  

We also have been spending time with our big buddies during Rising 5s time on a Wednesday afternoon.  Sometimes we are in Tautoru with our buddies and sometimes in Autahi.  We get to work together and learn a bit about each other.  

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