Friday, 12 March 2021

Football skills

 Today we had a visit from two coaches from Mirimar Rangers football club to teach us some football skills.

Getting outside and learning to move our bodies in different ways is an important part of the PE/Health curriculum. In Autahi we have been exploring different ways to move our bodies up on top grass. 

In our football session we explored dribbling the ball with our feet and trying to stop it with our feet. It was tricky but we showed lots of perseverance and kept on trying. It was important for us not to stop the ball with our hands

Sport New Zealand has some great resources at this link if you are looking for some more information about fundamental movement skills. Over the year we will share more of what we do as part of our PE/Health program that gets kids moving.

If you have the chance this weekend, get out with a ball and practice some of these skills. even adults need some practice too!

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