Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Manaakitanga: we are Bucket Fillers

In Autahi, we've been exploring what Manaakitanga means for us. What will we see and hear when we are uplifting each other's mana?

Imagining our mana as a bucket of water that can be filled - or emptied - by the words and actions of others is a powerful way to envisage this concept. How can we be Bucket Fillers and build up our friends' mana?

Here we are, thinking about this idea with the help of some real buckets.

Later, we tried some role plays of things we can do and say to be Bucket Fillers. We drew some of our ideas.

I am showing Manaakitanga by saying to my friend, "Will you play with me?"

My friend was sad because he lost his toy car. I showed Manaakitanga by helping him to find it.

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