Wednesday, 3 March 2021

What is Manaakitanga?

We have been talking and thinking a lot about Manaakitanga lately.

As you will seen from our new Strategic Plan, enhancing the Mana of all our learners is a core value for us as a school. We aim to 'build up' and support all our learners, valuing and respecting them for who they are and what they bring to our community. Actions that uplift the Mana of others, show respect, sincerity, love and care are all part of Manaakitanga. All school staff members strive to keep Manaakitanga at the heart of our relationships with children, families and each other - in fact, all interactions around our school community.

In Autahi, we have been exploring what Manaakitanga might mean for us. Here are some of our ideas. 

Manaakitanga means caring for all the living things around us. This picture show a fence to keep predators out of our garden.

We are kind and thoughtful to our friends. 

Manaakitanga is also taking care of our family members, like brothers and sisters, and showing love and affection for them.

Manaakitanga also prompts us to be kind and think of the needs of people in our wider community, like our street, suburb or city.

Ask your child what Manaakitanga means for them. How do you show Manaakitanga for each other in your whānau?

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