Thursday, 25 March 2021

Writing for a purpose

 Part of our writing programme is learning that writing has a purpose and an audience.

One of the big struggles for early writers to overcome is the understanding that their writing isn't just for them. Writing is a way of communicating our ideas with others and sharing our thoughts. One way we build this understanding is through getting our writers to read their writing back to us so that they can see if the words on the page match their ideas. We do this through conferencing with each child and taking time to talk about their ideas and read through what they have done so far.

This week we looked into a way that our writing can be used to share information with others as we explored making an invitation for our Whanau festival.

Firstly we had to work out what information we would need to make sure that people knew where to go and at what time.

From there we began crafting a sentence that would share that information to make sure people knew what it was all about.
Here are some examples of our invitations...

One way that you can develop writing is to make invitations at home for family or birthdays. Any good excuse to grow our writing muscles.

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