Monday, 6 November 2017

Further Taking Action and Positive Health

As further Taking Action from our Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies inquiry we took a class walk last Thursday.  Before we set off we talked about the benefits of our walk and why we were doing it.  We were doing it to try and stay fit because through our inquiry we learned about our bodies and what they need to stay healthy.  Exercise was a big thing we uncovered.  We also found out that it makes us feel good too.  It helps us to concentrate and get our energy out.  

Our body inquiry fitted in perfectly to Positive Health--one of the domains of the Positive Education framework. 
"Positive Health--The Positive Health domain focuses on supporting students and staff to develop sustainable habits for optimal physical and psychological health. With the inextricable link between physical and psychological health, we know that practising mindfulness and resilience techniques will promote greater health outcomes. Mindfulness and resilience are also supported by the quest to help students to develop broader healthy behaviours in terms of exercise, nutrition, and sleep." Geelong Grammar School Positive Education Model 
Before embarking on our walk we discussed our mindset and how the uphill part would be hard.  We talked about what we might say in those hard moments. There were lots of, "This is hard, but I won't give up," "My body is getting stronger," and "I CAN do it!"
This is a visual we have in the class that we often check in on to make sure we're in the right frame of mind to begin something.  At times we catch ourselves thinking like the bottom of the steps, but every time we practise saying things closer to the top we get motivated to do it.  This helped us on our walk.  
We are planning to keep up the outdoors and the exercise and are hoping for more trips to the beach in the next few weeks! Thanks to all the parents who came to help!
This was the route we walked and the distance (it's in miles, but it's about 1.4 k).  There was very little complaining and along the way we stopped to check out our amazing view, taking a moment to have gratitude for where we live and we listened to the birds and spotted herbs.

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