Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Helping Hands

As part of our positive education and looking at our character strength of Kindness we have been reading the book, "Hands are not for hitting," and we have been discussing what hands are good for.  
We know that what we focus on flourishes so we have been thinking about all the kind and helpful things we can do with our hands and we are trying to spot each other using our helping and kind hands.  

We came up with some ideas and practised what we can use our hands for.

Hands are for high fives

Hands are for drawing and writing (in the air)

Hands are for a pat on the back to yourself or a friend when they've tried their best

Hands are for a rub on the back if someone is feeling upset

Hands are for hugs

We also did some writing.  The writing was fun because we actually wrote in the shape of a hand! It was a bit tricky figuring out where to start and which way to write, but we came up with some awesome ideas about what we can use our hands for.
Hands can draw.  Hands can shake.  Hands can wave.  Hands can hug.  By Liora
My hands can rub a back and my hand can wave.  By Isabella
My hands can throw snowballs.  I can make snowmen.  I can feed a horse.  By Tom
Hands are for saying bye.  Hands are for writing.  Hands are for shaking.  Hands are for drawing with pens.  Hands are for playing with Duplo.  By Olive
My hands can pat my dog and pick up stuff and build a snowman and hug.  By Alfred
My hands can pat my cat and make a snowman.  By Ella

My hands can hug.  Your hands can wave.  Your hands can help you write. My hands can help me ski.  My hand can build lego. By Darragh
My hand can build a snowman. By Zen
My hand can pat my cat and help mum rub. By Otto
My hand can clap.  By Chloe

Can you think of more things we can do with our kind and helpful hands?  


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