Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Planting, observing and growing

With the help of our whanau we have each planted our own seeds.  Each day we water them and do some observational drawing.  We know that our plants need water and sun to grow.  Many of them have started to grow quite quickly.  When you look at our observational drawing sheets you can see how our plants are growing and changing over time.  If you look at the bottoms of the cups you can see some of the roots growing as well! 
                             When we observe we have to look closely and notice.  When we are drawing like scientists we have to draw what we see and not what we think we see.  We are looking carefully, taking our time and trying to notice all the little changes.                

To plant our plants we had to mix water and the soil tablet with the seeds.  We have labels so we know what our plants are.  Some of them didn't have labels so we had to make our own. 
This is a lead in into our next mini inquiry into the power of the sun! Stay tuned for more about that! 

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