Tuesday, 7 November 2017


We have been exploring Maths through statistics. We have been collecting information and creating graphs to show our information.  We have to come up with a question and then ask our classmates what they think.  Each person's answer is 1 square that we fill in.  
We made a whole class bar graph discussing our favourite fruit (which also links to our healthy food talks we've been having).  You can see that our class loves apples, with grapes coming in second place! 
Next we went off and created our own questions and graphs.
 We came up with questions we wanted to ask and we surveyed our classmates.  When they gave us their answers we created bar graphs.  These show us lots of information.  We can look and compare.  Which colour do more people like better?  Which animal do fewer people like? Bar graphs are a really easy way to show mathematical information.  we can count up how many people we asked altogether and we can discuss the differences and similarities.  
We have also been collecting information around the weather all year through bar graphs.  We can now look at our graphs and analyze how and why the weather might be changing over time.  
What do you notice about the weather? 
Help me make a graph at home!

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