Tuesday, 27 November 2018

ASB sports centre trip

On Monday the 26th of November we took a trip out to the ASB sports centre for a day of trying new sports and learning new ways to play. We had to use many different character strengths over the day. Some used bravery when trying new things like using the big sticks in Floorball to perseverance as we had 4 different activities through the day and found it harder towards the end as our energy started to dip. We have been learning about different ways to play in our inquiry and it was a great opportunity for us to work with some experts to help us learn new skills we can apply in our own games. 

A group of Autahi runners practising their athletic skills
In Futsal we learned how to pass and stop the ball with our feet

Some people made Floorball look easy

We practised passing skills using the sticks in Floorball

Look at us chase the ball. Good thing we practised

We had to dribble the ball around the cones. It was a bit tricky but we stuck with it and got there in the end

Afterwards we started some artwork to help show some of the things we learned at the ASB centre. This is one way of expressing our learning so that others can tell what we got up to. We will use this to inspire us in our writing to use this rich experience as a basis for our ideas.

This has had a really positive effect on how we think about play and being active with our friends. Hopefully the weather clears up so we can carry on this learning outside in the sun.

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