Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Who can play?

In Autahi last week we explored whether there are games just for boys and just for girls. At times we have all heard 'you can't play because you're a girl' or 'that's not for boys'. We decided to explore whether there really were games and toys that were just for boys or just for girls. It was a great exercise in seeing many different perspectives. Many shared their ideas and we learnt a lot about what people like to play.
To start with we sorted all of the games and activities into boys, girls or both. As you can see there were some clear initial thoughts.

After having a chance to challenge the initial ideas we started to see that in fact all of these games can be enjoyed by anyone.

Again we had similar results with our second group.

Learning to challenge ideas in a respectful way is another way that we can grow connections with one another. Embracing everyone when we play leads to a greater feeling of inclusivity and respect. The learners in Autahi always amaze me with their thinking and care for each other. They are showing that they can connect in many different ways and enjoy lots of things together.
Two future aviation engineers. Instructions for constructing an aeroplane.

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