Sunday, 4 November 2018

Rocket Lab and Growth Mindset

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In Autahi we are constantly talking about how we need to get our brains ready for learning and that part of that is telling ourselves we want to do it, will try and can do it.  This is an ongoing process and we are not always the Green Guy at the top and that is okay.  Autahi have really been showing their growth mindset these last two weeks with the introduction of our Rocket Lab!

We've introduced the Rocket Lab as an area in the classroom where you can come and practise your rocket words in different ways.  So many of the kids have been choosing to do this and recognising that it is part of being a goal setter! It's awesome to see the growth mindset that is being developed in Autahi and the desire to practise! Keep it up Autahians! 

Stamping Rocket Words

Making Rocket Words in the Glitter Tray!

Building Rocket Words out of playdough and making a little image to go with them!

Dressing up in silly hats and writing our own sentences using our Rocket Words!

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