Tuesday, 20 November 2018


Throughout the day we take opportunities to focus on different elements of our flourish model (Positive Health, Purpose, Relationships, Accomplishment, Emotions, Engagement through unpacking and learning about strengths and character strengths) Here are some examples of ways we have been working on our wellbeing recently.

We took the opportunity to practise the strengths of Gratitude and Appreciation of Excellence and Beauty by taking advantage of beautiful weather and heading outside to do some of our reading under a tree.  We were able to hear the bird sounds around us, enjoy the view behind us and have an opportunity to enjoy some reading in nature.  

We also enjoyed some Star Wars Yoga on a wet day with some of our Tuakana buddies.  We were practising positive health and mindfulness by connecting with our breathing. We were also working on our relationships by having fun and shared experiences with our Tuakana buddies.  

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