Tuesday, 5 February 2019

3 Ways to Read a Book

3 Ways to Read a Book

We have started learning about different ways you can read a book and have been building our reading muscle.

1) We can look through the pictures and say what we think the story might be about, making up our own version of the story.
2) We can read the words if we know how to or can spot words that we do know.
3) We can retell the story if it's a story we already know.

We started practising by choosing two books we were going to look through and practise reading in different ways. Then we had to find a spot on our own.  We began reading with the goal of staying in 1 spot the whole time and going through the different ways we could read the story.
Here we are practising.  On the first day we successfully read for 3 minutes.  Day two we did 4. and we are hoping to work up to 6 minutes by the end of the week! 
We are growing our reading muscles!

You can practise this at home too! Choose a book, find a cozy place, put on a timer and stay in the same place for the whole time practising reading! 

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