Tuesday, 26 February 2019


This week we have had a focus on the strength of perseverance. Sometimes we try things that are a bit tricky and it can be easy to write something off as too hard. By practising things we help to grow our brain and get a little better every time we attempt it. To show this in Autahi we put out lots of perseverance challenges for us to try and keep trying all week.
We celebrated giving things a go and challenging ourselves to keep going even when it seemed too hard. The feeling of joy when you finally get something is what it is all about and reminds us of how hard we worked to get there.

Check us out as we attempted some challenges...

Balancing can be tricky especially on a wobble board. We practised perseverance by trying and learning each time we wobbled off. Some of us mastered the board with two feet and challenged ourselves a bit further by trying one foot.

We did a bit of sorting. Only we couldn't use our hands and had to use tweezers instead. It was challenging trying to pick things up, especially the glass beads. The learners in Autahi persevered though and found lots of different ways to meet this challenge.

Building a card tower is pretty tricky. It takes lots of creativity and perseverance to even build the first part. We have been having lots of fun trying different ideas and even when it falls down we just pick it back up and start again.

Skipping is another of our perseverance challenges. We are having lots of fun trying to work out the best way to skip.

There are so many other ways we can practise perseverance. Have a go at home and see what you can come up with and share your ideas with us.

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