Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Global play day

Global School Play Day

Global School Play Day is an initiative started back in February 2015 that promotes unstructured play in schools. This means that we don't direct the play and let the learners explore things naturally and in their own way. Play is a way for us to find things that we are passionate about and try new things. It takes the pressure away from 'getting things right' and allows us to give things a try that we otherwise might steer away from.

Some of us explored the instruments and tried making music together. Carl tried singing us a song but we think he might need to keep practising.

We made a pet shop for lots of the animals. We made food for them and made some homes for them. 

We worked together to create things we enjoyed. Some of us made marble runs and others made tracks for the cars to drive around on.

We explored some of the maths equipment and tried making patterns with beads and seeing how long we can make the chain. We even tricked people into thinking we had made some snakes.

In the afternoon we grabbed our sun hats and took the play out into the playground. We took turns zooming down the slide with our toys and climbed trees and climbing walls. There was also a lot of swinging on the monkey bars.

When the day was finished we were all really tired from all the fun. Lots of us made new friends and got to try a lot of new things that we might want to explore more of through our play in discovery time and out in the playground.

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