Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Exploring the school

Last week we explored the school to find out where everything is around the school and where our boundaries are within the school.

First we checked out the driveway. When we play we know to keep clear of the driveway and to find an adult if something we are playing with rolls down the drive.

Next we explored the top grass behind Autahi. We talked about climbing trees and making sure that any branch we try to climb on is thicker than our leg. This helps to keep us safe and also protects the trees from having branches broken off. 

Then we checked out our back courts and the gardens we have around the school. There are some fruit and vegetables growing and we need to help look after the plants by not picking anything off.
We explored the two playgrounds and had a go with lots of the equipment so that we know which ones we feel comfortable using.

Lastly we checked out the bottom grass and the court. We saw lots of bugs in the garden and we know to just look at them without picking them up. 
There are lots of places in the school for us to play and have fun. 

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