Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Our Trip to Space!

Our First School Trip
Yesterday we went on our first school trip.  We went and had a quick lunch and play at the playground in the Botanic Gardens.


After our quick picnic and play we headed to the Space Place at the Carter Observatory.  We got to go to the planetarium to look at the stars in the sky and watch a movie about Space and Seasons.  Then we had a lesson with Troy who helped us understand about the size of the Earth compared to the Sun and about how we have night and day.  Then we got to explore around the Space Place.  There were so many cool things like Rocket Ships, an enormous telescope and the ropes of Maui trying to hold back the sun! 

The trip was lots of fun and it got us thinking about lots of the questions that we had.  Some of our questions were answered on the trip and some of what we saw made us wonder new things.  Stay tuned to find out more about our inquiry and what we learned or are interested in learning! 

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