Tuesday, 26 March 2019

A rocket takes flight

Last week we had a big push to finish our rocket. We had parent helpers leading the painting of the rocket and clever engineers crafting all sorts of parts to bring our rocket to life. So much creativity was on show as new ideas were brought to life by the talented hands of the Autahi astronauts.
We persevered even when some tasks seemed too much and in the end our rocket started to come together.
This week at assembly we will share a short video showing lots of learning along the way. In the meantime check out these pictures and see into our building process.

We crafted parts for our control centre.

We made a clock to go inside the rocket.

We made dials and panels to put inside the control centre.

We are hot glueing the buttons onto the control panels.

We painted the rocket to protect us when we are in space.

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