Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Strengths Hunt

You have heard lots about us focussing on different character strengths, unpacking them and trying to spot when we are using them.

As a brief introduction to all of the strengths we spent the afternoons last week on a Strength Hunt around the school, looking for our different visuals that are hidden throughout.  

We spent some time unpacking the strengths and what they meant, we got our clipboards and detective eyes on and went searching.  We used teamwork as we searched and certainly enjoyed a bit of appreciation of beauty and excellence! 





Social Intelligence


Those were just a few that we found of the 24 hidden around the school.  We know that words become worlds.  The language we use, becomes the attitudes we have, which effects the actions we take.  We are choosing to see and speak strengths language.  Help us by spotting when we are using these strengths!
Can you find all 24?

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