Sunday, 31 March 2019

Celebrating our Inquiry Learning: Autahi Rocket

We have been wrapping up our inquiry into Space these last few weeks. 

Some of the things we learned through this inquiry were that the Earth rotates around the sun on an axis and this is why we have night and day. We also learned about the different seasons and how those have to do with the rotation and how close we are to the sun. We also unpacked how the seasons look and what changes we can notice on Earth. Through this inquiry we were also able to tap into the science curriculum through the arts. We explored sound and created our own rocket ship launch soundscape with instruments and through playing with volume. We explored the seasons through colour mixing, painting and drawing. We were also able to use drama to pretend we were in 

In wrapping up our inquiry into space, we arrive at the celebrating stage where we find ways to share and celebrate our learning.  We made this movie from inside our rocket, imagining we were up in space and describing what we could see.  We got to share this in assembly last week.  

The power of inquiry is its immersive nature, how we center it around what kids want to find out more about and how it is integrated through all areas.  We have had a fantastic term thinking like scientists and astronauts and designing and building like engineers.  
Stay tuned for next term's inquiry and if you can make it to our parent workshop this Thursday, the 4th of April, you can learn more about how we teach through inquiry and how it works! 

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