Tuesday, 12 March 2019


During our trip to the space place a few weeks ago we learned about how our Sun makes changes that we can feel on Earth. One of those changes was how the seasons are created due to our distance from the sun.
To put it simply the closer we are, the hotter it gets and the further away we are, the colder it gets.

As scientists in Autahi we wanted to find out some more about the different seasons.

We started looking at things we see around us all the time and how the seasons create change. Trees are a great example of how we can see the change in the seasons as they react to the changing weather.

To show our learning we have been tapping into our artistic strengths and creating our own images of the trees in the different seasons.

Check us out mixing colours as we show our learning through our art. This Friday we will be showing our windows into the seasons at assembly to share our learning with the rest of the school.

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