Sunday, 31 March 2019

EOTC: Play in the Bush

Our Trip to the Bush

We were lucky with amazing weather and lots of parent help last week in the bush.  We certainly practised so many strengths on our trip.  The walk to get there is 2k, plus a few hours of getting amongst nature, falling over and figuring things out, then another 2k walk back certainly tested our perseverance and teamwork.  

In the bush we carved sticks, climbed trees, appreciated the birds, insects and plants, tried to climb ropes and ladders and played imaginative games in the stream.  
There were no rules other than using gentle hands, feet and words to each other and our environment.  What we saw was incredible use of bravery, perseverance, creativity, curiosity, teamwork, appreciation of beauty and excellence, gratitude and leadership! 

Even the adults got amongst it! We are so lucky to live and work so close to such natural beauty.  Playing in nature helps to foster a sense of responsibility for its upkeep.  If kids play in the bush they will feel the need to protect it! 
We are really looking forward to going back in a few weeks time! 
Thanks to Chloe for making us this amazing movie, capturing many of the highlights of the trip.

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