Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Learning Through Play

Play based learning is an important part of our day in Autahi. When we think about the word play we are fundamentally influenced by our own experiences and the culture towards play. Many believe that play is the thing you do after more important tasks or that learning and play simply can not be associated with each other.
Play is a really sophisticated form of development. Children get to do higher order thinking and synthesising of lots of different things. It’s a coming together of cognitive skills and social emotional
skills in one experience.

Take for instance socio dramatic play:

These vets are using lots of communication and social skills as well as exploring something they are passionate about. They are reading and finding out more about the animals they are working with.

Play-based learning is also a chance to flex our strength of creativity:

It is also a chance to work on our goals and challenge ourselves:

Our classroom takes on a different buzz during discovery time. There are so many different learning opportunities hiding in all of the things we do. No wonder they love discovery so much!

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