Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Museum of City and Sea

Last week we visited the Wellington Museum of City and Sea as part of our inquiry learning. Our inquiry this term has involved learning about changes on Earth. One of the changes we have been inquiring about is how people came to New Zealand. We are lucky in New Zealand to be the home of many different cultures and people from all around the world. But why do people choose to live here we wondered?
Our inquiry started by thinking about things people need and want. The things we need to survive are essential but if the place we live is lacking some of those things then we may need to change to find a new home. In the early days much of the exploration of the world was to find new places to live as populations grew in major centres. There became less and less space for people so explorers would seek out new places to call home.
Our visit to the Museum was to learn about some of the first voyages to New Zealand. Check out these pictures to see some of the things we saw.

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