Thursday, 20 June 2019

The Arts

In Autahi in the last few weeks we have been exploring the arts in many ways.  We have been exploring weaving, painting, self portraits and music-making.  

Some of us worked on a multiple step self portrait process.  We used mirrors and looked carefully at the shapes of our faces, eyes, noses, ears and the rest of our faces and drew what we were seeing.  We mixed paint to try to make a colour close to our skin.  We used water colours to paint our hair, lips and eyes.  We mixed paint and played with texture to make our backgrounds. And we stuck our faces onto the backgrounds. 

Here are some of the finished products!

We have been exploring weaving.  We have been noticing the pattern you have to follow when you weave and we have been learning about how Maori used weaving to create kete, shelters and garments. 


In Music we have been exploring how we can make different sounds with instruments, our bodies and things we can find around us.  This week we went on a nature hunt and created a nature orchestra.

Here we are gathering things we can use as instruments.

Have a listen to some of our nature music!

Have a listen to some of our music that we've been playing during Discovery!
We've been exploring with the instruments and practising our singing! 

Stay tuned to hear and see more of our wonderful art!

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