Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Creating our own games

Over the last few weeks as we have developed our understanding of different games--both cooperative style and tag style--we have also been experimenting with creating our own games.  

These are pictures of mixing up with Tautoru and playing a game called Scurrying Slaters.  We had to work in teams using one object (material in this case) as our shell and make our way through the class without bumping into anything.  This game seems simple but involves lots of communication, negotiation and turn taking.  Without working together it was almost impossible to get your slater across the room.  

After practising this game, along with others which included balancing things on our heads and obstacle courses, we were given free reign to use any materials and make up our own games.  The only rule: everyone on the team had to be involved.

Some of us made forts

 Some made obstacle courses

 Some made a slater house using both building skills and an element of imaginary play or role play

 Others created a bus which then turned into a cruise ship

With everything that was created there was lots of conversation, testing and trying, rethinking and evaluating.

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