Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Learning through Action and Play with our parents!

We had our learning through action morning this morning. It was so great to see so many parents come and learn and play alongside their children. This was our learning scavenger hunt that worked as a guide through our morning. Children chose what they wanted to do with their parents.
There were lots of letters written to the witch

Children were choosing books they wanted to read.

Scientists were looking closely, observing what they were seeing and drawing in their visual diaries.

 Many were practising typing the computer password on the keyboard so that they can turn the computers on themselves!

We had measuring and pouring at the water table.  This is looking at capacity.  One container is much wider than the other, while one is longer and thinner.  Which one holds more liquid I wonder?
Children went outside and made up games of catch and tag.

 There was lots of maths thinking happening.  This is our calendar wall where we keep track of the weather, the days of the week, the month, and how many days we've been at school.
The beetle game is popular.  There's lots of sorting, categorising,  and colour recognising going on here. 
There was patterning here, blue, black, blue, black.  We counted that there were 10 penguins altogether.  5 blue and 5 black.  So we figured out 5 + 5 =10!

Here there were ice cream cones being made with playdough and kinetic sand was burrying treasure.  
 Some of us were finding words we know and reading poems.
 Here we have lots of marbles being transported with long bits of the marble run.
 There were aliens being made and trees with koalas.

There was so much fun and learning going on and parents had a great time too! Thanks again!
Here is the scavenger hunt sheet for those that couldn't make it.  You could talk with your kids about what they did for some of them!

Name:                                                Go in any order and choose which things you’d like to do. Highlight what you’ve done
Show the treaty and explain what it says
Choose a book and a comfy place and read a story
Go outside and make a potion or build something with the sand
Create something at the making table
Show me the calendar wall.  What do we do here? Let’s sing the days of the week song.
Let’s do some yoga. Teach me some of the poses. Which one is your favourite?
Show me the poem of the week.  Let’s read it together.  Then we can practise typing the password in for the computer.
Let’s play with the playdough or kinetic sand.  How does it feel? We can squish it, build something or just have fun with it!
Let’s choose something off the maths shelf to explore.  We might make a pattern, build a tower and count, or more!
Let’s look closely and do some careful observational drawing of what we can see!
Let’s choose something off the ABC shelf to practise. We can string our letters or make words, use playdough, stamps matching shells or more!IMG_4192.jpg
Let’s build something at the construction area. What can we build?
Open ...
My Choice for something that’s not on here that I want to show you or do with you.
Let’s write a letter to the witch. You’ll have to help me write it! But I can help with the idea, a picture and what I want to say!
Let’s go outside and make up a game with some materials! I’ll show you where we are allowed to play.
Open ...
My Choice for something that’s not on here that I want to show you or do with you.

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