Tuesday, 14 March 2017

What We've Been Up To

Last week we got new kinetic sand.  We got two more colours and some new molds.  We have been loving exploring the sand.  It is pretty amazing how it changes from being a solid moldable consistency to individual bits of sand.  We have been exploring what changes it and how it changes.  When you press it together it becomes a ball but when it's in the tray it falls apart like sand again.  It's fascinating! We are being scientists and thinking about how matter changes.

The story we were reading last week was called Butterfly and it looked at the stages of a butterfly's life.  After reading the story we decided to explore some paint mixing and symmetry by creating our own butterfly art.  Here we were learning about what colours we get when we mix paint, about how symmetry means it's the same thing on both sides and about folding paper in half.  Lots of math and science thinking was going on here!

On the Ipads many of us have been experimenting with garageband and have been using the different instrument settings to make our own music! It's been fun playing with rhythm, beat and tempo.  Not to mention all the different instruments and the sounds they make!

More colour mixing and messy play.  We started with paintbrushes, but it quickly turned to hand painting!

We've also been loving exploring our marble run and changing the heights and pieces to make it so that the marbles flow down!
We have been doing so much great learning!!

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