Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Update on our handmade word wall!

As you know we started making our own word wall weeks ago.  The children painted the backgrounds for each letter, playing with colour, mixing, and texture.  Next we used glitter glue to create the capital and lower case letters and then we cut the letters out.  Next we glued them to the backgrounds.  Then we put ourselves in ABC order and took pictures of everyone who started with an A, B, C, etc.  Then we sorted objects we had in the classroom by letter and took photos of that.  Then children cut those out and glued them to the matching letter.  

This last week we had a group helping to put the letter cards back in ABC order.  They used our existing alphabet to guide them.  They worked together, taking turns, listening to each other.  There was lots of singing the ABC song to help keep us on track.  We had to look at the letters, say their name, find them in the order and put them in a line! There was so much cooperation!

After we managed to get them all down in order, we needed to find a way to put them together.  A few people helped to weave string in through holes and we managed to get it strung up! 

It's now hanging in our room and as we learn new words we are putting them up so we know where we can find them when we are writing! Come in and have a look!

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