Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Look at Me!

 Our story from last week was called Look at Me.  It explores different characters and the words: look, at, me, I, am, a.  While reading the story and thinking about the direction we go when we read, looking at recurring words and looking at initial letter sounds (like p for pirate, c for clown, k for king, a for astronaut and t for tiger) we also started to think about ourselves as these characters.  Which one would we want to be? Where would we live? What would we do if we were that character?

The next thing we did was make puppets of ourselves.  This involved lots of cutting and sticking and thinking about placement.  Do we put the face down first or the clothes down first? How do we attach the body to a stick of some sort?

 After that we reenacted the story with our own puppet words.  Different children held up different words and as they moved forward we read the story.  

 Next we got writing our own stories.  We were trying to use the words from the story and sound out our character.  We were also thinking about ourselves as those characters and we used our puppets for support and guidance!

We are all working on drawing a picture plan first, writing words we know or can find around the room and using our sound card to help write the letters we can hear in other words. 

Here is some of the writing we did!

 Then we got thinking where would this character live?  What does this character do? What might it need to survive?  So next we used brown paper bags to create props, backgrounds, habitats or homes.  Some made rocket ships for their astronauts, others made green jungles for their tigers, boats for their pirates and circus tents for their clowns.  We thought about colour, shape, how we needed to manipulate the brown paper bag to create what we wanted for our settings. 

 Finally some of us performed little puppet shows for each other.  There was lots of lovely language like, "would you like to come to my puppet show?" And we practised being audience members and listening and then taking turns to share our own creations! The week was full of lots of thinking, designing, creating and sharing! 

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