Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Our Power in the Playground

We are inquiring into our power to create our own fun.  Sometimes it's hard to know what to do in the playground at playtime and when we have a choice in our learning.  We are looking at how we have the power to create our own fun and learning. 

Last week we spent some afternoons outside with different equipment playing our own games. 
Some games included jumping and the hoops had different scores.  We were brave to jump from up high and were exploring gravity as we jumped down.  We were aiming for a hoop.  We were also practising taking turns, being patient and being kind to our friends. 

Some games included throwing balls and bean bags into containers of different sizes and distances.  The containers had different points and we were working on aim, distance and turn taking.

This week we are exploring our playground and what we like about it as well as what we wish we had.  
 We like the monkey bars.
 We like swinging on the strong branch.
 We like climbing up and sliding down the pole.
 We like playing tag and running games.
 We like climbing.
 We like playing hiding games and looking in the dirt.

 We like going down the slide.
 We like climbing up and down the playground.
We like climbing and seeing how tall we can get!
After exploring the playground we wrote about the things we like to do in the playground.  Here's one example of the writing that we came up with!

 We are also learning some new games to inspire us when we go to make up our own games.  This group was learning a movement and dance game. 

Another group was learning a game called Scurrying Slaters.  We had to work together in a shell and get from one end of the room to the other, making sure our whole team was together.  

After playing we had a chance to use the materials to come up with our own games and things to play.  Next in our inquiry will be looking at what we need to do to improve our outside play! Anyone have any ideas? 

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